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Privacy Policy

Margin Trading Products could bring high risk to your assets, you may lose more than your initial investment. Please read our Risk & Warning Terms carefully before registering an account.

  1. You fully understand that your personal information provided is used for account registration, account management and account maintenance.
  2. We are committed to safeguarding your personal information; it will not be sold or transferred to any third party, except for the normal course of business operation and business-related institutions. These include but are not limited to credit card processing and verification centers, law enforcement agencies, financial or other regulatory agencies, audit and compliance departments, as well as agreements with our agents.
  3. If we were to provide additional services, your information may be transferred to other affiliates of EXCOIN.
  4. We may provide personal information to other margin trading companies, except information on open positions.
  5. We obtain customer information directly from the customer, but we reserve the right to obtain information from other sources such as credit rating agencies, voter registration list, anti-fraud agencies.
  6. We may use the information obtained via direct or indirect marketing, to introduce new products or provide quality services to our existing or potential customers.
  7. The employees of EXCOIN are qualified to protect customer information confidentiality.
  8. We safeguard all digital and non-digital personal information by secured storage. Only authorized persons can access to these information.
  9. We will endeavor to ensure the accuracy of customer information and make timely updates; it is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to your personal information.
  10. Investment belongs to the independent act of the customer, the risk is borne by the customer independently.

Risk Disclosure

If a customer adopts our service for speculative trading, the investment might be at risk. As our service neither guarantee the principal nor guarantee investment return, a customer may lose the entire investment. As such, it is classified as high-risk investment by regulatory agencies. A customer is not allowed to pass on any debt to EXCOIN, as a result of the use of EXCOIN trading platform. Our service is not suitable for all traders. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

  1. This Risk Disclosure is defined as a part of the Customer Agreement
    1. You are considering using EXCOIN ("we", "our", the "Company") trading platform ("service"). Our service is classified as high-risk investments, which most investors are not suitable for.
    2. The risk disclosures serves to provide risk-related information related to our service, but does not address all possible risks or if it fits your risk profile. If you have concerns about the transactions, please seek professional advice.
    3. Before you decide to establish an agreement with us, it is imperative that you understand all the related risks. You will need to be aware of any impending risks, be able to withstand financial loss, exercise prudent judgment on your position.
  2. Loss
  1. The nature of margin trading market means a possibility of widened profit or loss. If you do not close your positions in time, or set appropriate price limit, you might be subject to huge loss. If the market experiences huge volatility, your loss might be greater than your account balance.
  2. If account equity is negative due to the market experiences huge volatility, it is regarded as the customer’s debt to us. Customers have to deposit again and make the account equity equals to zero or greater than zero. If not, the company has the right to pursue legal proceedings.
  1. Fees and Taxes
  1. The service fees for services rendered to customers can be found on the Company's website. Before customers commence trading, he should be fully informed of all related fees, commissions and charges. It is the responsibility of the customer to check for any changes in related charges.
  2. Our service fees will be based on the "Customer Agreement" and subject to change.
  3. Any transactions with regards to financial instruments may attract taxes set my different jurisdictions and/or due to personal status. The company does not provide tax advice.
  4. Customers are responsible for any taxes or charges arising from transactions.
  5. Please note that taxes are subject to change without prior notice.
  1. Force stop
  1. When your account balance reaches 30% of the prepaid amount, we will close the open positions. You can choose to withdraw the balance amount, or top up the account and commence trading.
  1. Service applicability
  1. We have the responsibility to assess the applicability of our service. Whether you choose to open an account with us or understand the related risk, all risks will be borne by you.
  2. We will not represent you nor monitor your investments or losses. You are responsible for your own source of income, and if you can bear the associated level of risks.
  1. Potential risk
  1. If the market faces huge volatility, your loss could be greater than your account balance.
  2. In your agreement with us, the margin different from each product, details can be found on our trading platform. This also means that you will be adopting margin trading. This is a double-edged sword. A small price movement could expose you to huge profit or loss.
  1. Market volatility
  1. You should be aware of the trading risks. It is important to know that your bid price will have huge impact on your profitability. For example, settlement in foreign currency investment could appreciate or depreciate due to forex movement.
  2. Therefore, this service is not suitable for all traders. Before you decide to establish an agreement with us, please ensure you fully understand the market risks involved and have relevant trading experience. If you have any concerns about the service, please seek independent advice.
  3. Slippage is the difference between the expected price of our trading service and the actual transaction price. It often occurs at executing market order or setting a larges of unprofitable limit order, and makes the order price virtually unable to deal during the period of higher volatility(Such as news events).
  1. Monitoring opening positions
  1. Due to the effect of margin trading, which could cause profitability or loss in a short duration, it is imperative that you monitor your open positions closely. It is your responsibility to monitor your trade.
  1. Execution risks
  1. In every trade execution, there will be risks involved when using a computer. For example, the software disconnects (due to internet, computer or any other reason) when executing a trade, this will cause execution or settlement delay or error. We are not responsible for any of such risks, except for fraudulent trade.
  2. When connecting a computer equipment with information, you will have to bear the following risks, besides any other risks, and we will not be liable for the following:
  1. power disruption by you or your telecommunication supplier
  2. damage of you or your supplier’s server
  3. communication disruption by you or your telecommunication supplier
  4. setting error on your terminal
  5. out-of-date setting on your terminal
  6. unable to accept our communication to you via your communication channel, hardware or software
  7. overloaded network that prevents you from place orders through phone
  1. For any losses suffered as a result of the above risk, we will not assume responsibility or liability, all losses will be borne by the customer.
  1. Trading Platform
  1. customers have been warned, during the trading execution, amongst other things, the need to assume the risk of financial loss :
  1. client devices, software failure and low quality of the connection;
  2. the Service or the customer hardware or software errors, malfunctions or misuse;
  3. customer equipment is not functioning properly;
  4. Client Terminal Setup Error;
  5. delayed client terminal updates;
  1. Customers need to be aware that the only reliable quote is streamed via servers on a real-time basis. Quotes on client terminals database is not a reliable source, because the connection between the client terminal and the server may be interrupted from time to time.
  1. Force Majeure
  1. In case of force majeure, the Company is unable to complete customer’s trade execution or fulfill our obligation, this might result in financial loss for the customer.
  2. For any failure to perform our obligations under the "User Agreement" clause on force majeure, which might cause interruption or delay in trade execution, we will not assume any responsibility for any type of loss or damage.
  1. Abnormal market conditions
  1. Customers need to understand when market conditions are abnormal, order execution deadline may be extended, rejected or unable to process
  1. Currency risk
  1. Customers should understand that this service is not denominated in your local currency and you may be subjected to additional currency fluctuations.
  1. No advice or recommendation
  1. When an order is placed with the company, we will not advise clients about the advantages of a particular transaction or give any form of investment recommendation.  Customers understand that our service does not contain investment advice. Clients needs to be solely responsible when signing the Agreement, according to their own judgment. When entering into an agreement with us, it means customers have made their own risk assessment, and is fully responsible for all related risks. This also means that clients have sufficient knowledge, market proficiency, professional advice and advantages and experience to make a risk assessment of any transaction. The Company does not guarantee the suitability of the products traded under this Agreement and assumes no responsibility to represent or act on client’s behalf.
  2. The Company is not responsible for providing customers with any legal, tax, or transactions with any advice. If the customer has doubt over the tax position, customer should seek advice from independent experts. We would also like to remind customers that tax laws can restrict trading, and this could be subject to change.
  1. Non-guarantee of performance
    1. The Company does not guarantee profit or loss in a transaction. Customers will not receive such a guarantee from us. Customers understand that the transaction itself carries risk, and is ready to bear such risks and withstand any financial losses.
  2. Waivers
    1. The Client hereby releases “EXCOIN, its parent, any branch, related company, and subsidiary and the successor of any of these companies, and directors, shareholders, agents, employees of EXCOIN and its parent, branch, related company and subsidiary and their successor company” (collectively known as “EXCOIN Entities and Persons”), from any and all liability to the Client or anyone claiming through the Client with respect to any damages, losses, loss of profits, expenses (including court and legal fees), sustained or alleged to have been sustained directly or indirectly as a result of Client’s opening of individual account, participating in foreign exchange or other derivative trading, use of trading platform, market data, market condition, deposit or withdrawal of fund, or/and currency exchange rate. Client understands and warrants that any loss it incurs is your own responsibility, a result of your investment decision, and hereby manifestly waive any and all right to commence any related legal action against the above EXCOIN Entities and Persons.

Risk Warning: Foreign exchange and other derivatives have the characteristics of high risk, you should use capital that you can afford to lose to trade. Derivatives trading may not be suitable for all investors, please make sure you fully understand the risks involved and if necessary seek independent advice.


Funding Rules

  1. Deposit & Withdrawal
    1. Deposit
      1. Firstly, register an account with a valid ID and proof of address. Upon approval, your trading account and Back Office account information will be sent to your registered e-mail. Deposits can be made directly via Back Office.
    2. Withdrawal
      1. Withdrawal request can be made any time. After deducting bank charges, the balance will be returned to your account. 
      2. We will process the withdrawal within T(today)+3 workdays upon request.
      3. Clients might not be able to receive the withdrawal funds within T(today)+3 workdays, as third parties such as banks would require a longer time to process. Clients will indemnify us of such delays, which is beyond our control.
      4. The currency of the account depends on the type of cryptocurrency that the customer deposits, and the same type of cryptocurrency will be refunded.
      5. EXCOIN reserves the right to charge bank charges for all deposits and withdrawals.
  2. Stop Loss

When your account balance reaches 30% of your funds, we will close your open positions. You can either withdrawal the funds, or inject more funds to continue trading.

  1. Anti-Money Laundering

For all withdrawals, it must be made to the original bank account which deposits were made.

Risk Warning: Foreign exchange and derivatives have high risk, you should trade with capital that you are prepared to lose. Derivatives trading may not be suitable for all investors, as such, please make sure you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary.